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China Leading the Way in Renewable Energy!

Check out this article posted online by CNN. It talks about how China is leading the way in renewable energy and sustainable energy by investing, educating and converting from old technologies.

China is one of the world’s leaders in solar energy and is growing rapidly.

After reading this article, it opened my eyes to lacking the United States is when it comes to renewable energy. China is leading the renewables race growing rapidly every year. According to this article renewables only account for 10% of the United States energy production compared to China’s rapidly growing 12%.

China’s Intuitive Head Start in Renewables

According to this article, China believes in the financial future of renewables, investing 2.5 trillion yuan ($367 billion) in the growing industry. They have started to make the transition to renewable energy, unlike the United States. Still using old technology the U.S needs to move on. China is planning on powering 20% of their country off of renewables by 2030. The United States should follow their lead. Instead, the United States dropped out of the Paris Climate Accord taking major a step backward. China is also the world leader in solar panel production.

Sunlight takes a little over eight minutes to reach Earth and a few seconds longer to make contact with your solar panels.

I honestly believe that we should follow China’s lead when it comes to renewables. We as a country should match their significant investment. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel with “clean” coal initiatives and other methods. It is time to switch to renewable energy and power our world in a sustainable way. Do your part and consider installing a Goldin solar system today!

Allow the U.S leads the world in many things, renewables are not one of them.