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Goldin Solar is Florida’s leading solar energy contractor with offices in Miami, and Vero Beach. We are committed to helping our customers produce their own electricity, in a less expensive manner, than if they were to continue to purchase their electricity from their current power company; and to make sure that we install only the most reliable equipment, at the best possible price, so our customers can rest assured that they will be saving money, and the environment, for decades to come

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Our Process

Free Consultation

Our process begins with a free consultation during this time we will prepare a preliminary system design based on satellite images of the location, a site visit and an analysis of your energy generation needs and budgetary considerations.

This design, tailored to your solar needs will be accompanied by a full financial analysis taken over the life of the solar system. We will show you how your system will pay for itself in energy savings and what kind of return you can expect over its warranted life. We will also advise you on all of the rebates, credits and other solar incentives available.

Engineering & Pre-Construction

Once we have been contracted, our Professional Engineer will complete the detailed engineering plans for the project.

These plans address all structural and electrical requirements set forth by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) as well as the National Electrical Code (NEC). Plans are then submitted for permitting to the local AH

It’s Go Time

After a building permit has been issued we will construct, test, inspect and start-up the system.

We will verify that the system is producing energy as expected. We will continue to guide you as to what is required to complete the interconnection process with your local utility and what documentation you will need to complete to receive all solar rebates and credits available to you.

Track your saving 24/7

Our services do not end upon construction completion. After construction is complete, we will continue to monitor your system output to ensure that it is producing power as expected and generating revenue as expected. Our use of the most advanced materials on the market allow for us to track energy production on an individual panel level basis.

Results can be viewed on a PC, tablet or smartphone interface. We will provide you with access to this user friendly data and teach you how to interpret the results. Enjoy your new clean energy producing system!

Our Clients Say

Thank you Daren, Carlos and crew! I am so excited to see my house covered with panels and I am grateful for the opportunity of working with such great team. You guys are fantastic!

Diana Pena


Our Clients Say

We had Goldin Solar install solar panels on our roof. They did a great job and we are very pleased with the results and on-going follow-up and monitoring.

Dave Treitel

Coconut Grove

Our Clients Say

Goldin Solar installed the largest residential solar…for us at a great cost. The sun now generates more power than we can use at our house. Through technology we can monitor individual roof array panel generation and consumption down to the individual electrical appliance. Self-sustaining and detailed. Everything was great about the process from design to permitting to installation. I would recommend them highly.

Kevin Bombardier


Our Clients Say

Goldin Solar installed our PV system in Orlando, FL, and not only was he at a more competitive price, but he worked with us all the way through and the quality of the equipment and the workmanship of their crew was spotless. Very satisfied.

Ricardo De Azevedo


Our Clients Say

The best decision that I have taken was to install Solar panels; since they became active on September 27 2016, my electrical bill get down from an average of $ 120.00 to $9.04 that corresponds to the fees for using the grid.
All the contract process with Goldin Solar was smooth, fast and accurate, Daren the owner is very easy to talk with, he explains everything with detail, answer all questions and is on top of the installation to make that everything is OK.

Ana Rojas

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