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Largest Wind Farm in the US Announced

The US sailing into a sustainable future

Today is a great day for renewable energy. The United States’ large renewable energy company, Invenergy, announced that they are partners with GE Renewable Energy and plan to construct a large onshore wind farm. This wind farm will be the United States largest wind farm and world’s second largest onshore wind farm.

With the help of both wind and solar energy, we can build a sustainable future.

The biggest wind farm in the world is currently in China. The Gansu Wind Farm in China has a capacity of 6,000 MW and plans to expand to 20,000 MW by 2020. The Wind Catcher facility is currently being built in Oklahoma and is expected to produce 2,000 MW. The wind facility is part of the $4.5 billion Wind Catcher Energy Connection that includes a dedicated extra high voltage power line.

The world is quite literally in our hands right now. Our decisions now affect the future.

Renewable energy in the United States accounted for almost 15% of the domestically produced electricity in 2016. With the construction of this new wind facility hopefully, the United States keeps investing in renewable energy.  The investment in renewables is essential in building a sustainable future.