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MiaGreen Clean-tech Expo & Environmental Conference Feb. 11th & 12th, 2015

MiaGreen Welcome BannerMiami is an amazing city; it is known for a lot of things. One thing that Miami is becoming more and more known for is being the capital of the Americas. Part because of Miami’s central location and part because of Miami’s amazingly diverse population, Miami has become a global centralized hub. Today’s blog is about how this unique attribute of Miami is utilized to bring together industry practitioners, policy makers and enthusiasts in the clean-tech and green building industry. This environmental global convergence is organized and hosted by MiaGreen Clean-tech Expo & Environmental Conference: “The only event in the United States providing access to the ever-growing, non-stoppable green, renewable and sustainable markets for ALL the Americas. This annual, well-established, business-to-business event is one-of-a-kind and grows bigger and better every year.” –From the MiaGreen Website. www.miagreen.com

It is true that MiaGreen is not the largest conference produced of its kind, but it is Miami’s own and possibly the best at bringing together North, Central and South American interests in green industry. For this reason, we are excited to attend the conference and share our experiences with our blog readers. This year was MiaGreen’s 7th Edition, and the first year to take place at the Miami Airport Convention Center (in previous years it was at Miami Beach Convention Center). The day starts with an introduction given in English and Spanish by Jose Garcia, the president of MiaGreen along with representatives from national engineering/construction and architecture organizations from the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

MiaGreen Welcome Presentation

After the introduction Tim Connor, the keynote speaker took stage giving insight onto best practices to sustaining a business in a dynamic business environment. His speech was insightful and brilliant, and connected to the subject of green business: “People with the right motives and values generally achieve more than people with selfish motives and values” – Tim Connor. His principles he introduces to success in business are:

  • Relevance of the business to the community it serves
  • Continued learning and growing
  • Knowing when to let go – do not get attached to outcomes
  • Be comfortable with the idea of failure
  • Don’t let an obstacle slow you down – overcome it and grow from it
  • Surround yourself with people that you will grow from
  • Kill your ego
  • Throw the “box” away
  • Success is about service to others – create a legacy that is bigger than you

Tim Connor’s presentation is so inspiring, I recommend to all our blog readers to check out his work: http://www.timconnor.com/.

Following the keynote speaker there was a ribbon cutting ceremony opening access to the expo.

MiaGreen Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The exhibitors included a wide range of green building products and service providers, enough to get anyone pondering about building their next dream green home.

MiaGreen Expo Hall


Some of our favorites are:

Sunmodo: www.sunmodo.com (offering a plethora of solar panel racking solutions)

Globus Cork: www.corkfloor.com (sustainable solutions for flooring for residential and commercial buildings by utilizing the highly sustainable and renewable cork material)

Solar Energy International (SEI): www.solarenergy.org (Possibly the nation’s number one leader in solar energy education)

Our personal favorite exhibitor with the highly innovative and very ‘Cool’:

Chiltrix: www.chiltrix.com – Offering highly energy efficient solutions to our air conditioning needs. The product that they were showcasing at the expo was particularly impressive. It was a mini-split air conditioning system that was getting powered directly from solar panels, known as a PV Solar Chiller.

The classes and seminars at the conference were also high quality and offered some in English and some in Spanish. I attended Solar Thermal Lessons Learned 1977 to Today by Tom Lane, which was excellent. Learn more about his work here: http://solarhotwatereducation.org/tom-lane

MiaGreen Conference Class Schedule Wednesday, Feb. 11th, 2015MiaGreen Conference Class Schedule Thursday Feb. 12th, 2015

Overall, MiaGreen is a fascinating event because of how broad the range of products showcased and subjects discussed, and diversity of the participants. We are looking forward to attending next year, and seeing MiaGreen grow and continue to lead the Americas into a more sustainable world.

Check back in with us for more blogs and updates on the South Florida green-scene!