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New Transparent Solar Cell Developed at MIT

This weekend I came across an article stating that a new transparent solar cell was developed at MIT. This new solar cell is flexible and combines low-cost organic (carbon containing) materials with electrodes of graphene.

The new transparent solar cell has great potential. It is definitely a big step towards a sustainable future.

This advancement in solar technology is due to a new method of depositing a one-atom thin layer of graphene onto the solar cell without damaging surrounding organic materials. The transparent materials made of inexpensive, abundant carbon sources making them more economical than before. Up until this point producers of transparent solar cells used expensive, brittle electrodes that tend to crack when the device flexed. The most widely used current electrode option is indium tin oxide (ITO).

Imagine a self-sufficient city where the walls and windows of buildings are coated with transparent solar cells.

Flexible Solar Future

This advancement is a huge step towards a sustainable future. Imagine the world where windows, walls, cell phones, cars nearly anything imaginable can generate energy on its own because it’s covered with flexible transparent solar cells. This new solar cell has a lot of promise but still has some fundamental problems delaying it from wholesale adoption. For more information read the MIT article here.

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