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Florida Power & Light (FPL) defines net-metering solar installations based on their size. Different-sized systems are in different tiers, which come with their own insurance and metering requirements.

Residential solar customers fall into either Tier I or Tier II.

FPL Tier I Systems

Tier I System Size: < 11.76 kW DC 

Tier I Net Meter Cost: $0

Tier I Insurance Requirement: None

Most single-family homes need Tier I systems. Since they are smaller, they are logistically the easiest. They don’t come with any additional costs to the homeowner.

FPL Tier II Systems

Tier II System Size: > 11.76 kW DC

Tier II Net Meter Cost: $400 (one time)

Tier II Insurance Requirement: The homeowner must maintain a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy.

Tier II systems are appropriate for small- to mid-sized businesses and for large homes. The additional costs associated with the net meter installation and the insurance policy are generally more than compensated for the money savings which come from going solar.

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