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Determining if solar is right for you is simple just by answering a few basic questions. In this guide we will walk through those questions one by one, starting with those most likely to affect the outcome. 

(Spoiler: rooftop solar is probably right for you if you own your home, have a roof in good condition, decent sun exposure, and like saving money.)

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Do you own your home?

Owning your own home means you have greater control over home improvements such as installing solar panels. If you don’t own your home, you may be able to access solar through your utility. 

Is your roof in good condition?

If your roof is leaking or in need of other repairs, it’s important to get it fixed before installing solar panels. Once you have solar panels, roof repair becomes more difficult and expensive. 

Is your roof relatively sunny?

Your roof’s sun exposure determines how much power solar panels are able to produce for your home. While some shade isn’t a dealbreaker (especially if trees or other obstructions can be removed), if your roof is mostly shaded for much of the day, panels may not be able to produce enough to make solar economical. To determine how much shade is too much, we use software and satellite imagery to determine your roof’s total solar potential.  

Do you like saving money and the planet?

Going solar will help you save money on monthly bills and can decrease your carbon footprint by up to 20%. If you would prefer to have less money leftover for fun stuff at the end of the month and/or you want to increase the global temperature, going solar could interfere with these goals. 

You’re in luck!

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you’re in luck! The next step in your journey is to learn the basics of how solar works. Then, start to shop around for the right solar contractor for your home.

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