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No, we do not subcontract any part of your solar installation. All installation of solar components is done by in-house W-2 employees. Our employees are covered by our workman’s compensation insurance policy, such that there is no risk to the owner in having workers on their property. The sole exception is that we are sometimes required to subcontract the electrical interconnection to an electrical contractor if required by the local regulations.

We feel very strongly about not using subcontractors for our installation and sales process. Below are our top reasons why we do not subcontract the installation or sales process:


  1. Quality: performing all sales and installation with in-house employees makes it much easier for us to guarantee consistency for all of our customers. The last thing we want is for an unreliable subcontractor to cause problems for a customer and have that experience reflect poorly on our company as a whole. You can be sure that the same standard of quality that makes our past customers so excited about us is the quality you will receive.
  2. Price: by bringing as much of the solar process in-house as possible. we can reduce bureaucratic inefficiencies and ensure the lowest possible prices while maintaining the highest quality.
  3. Service: having an in-house sales and installation team means if there is a problem with your installation we know we can resolve the issue efficiently and completely. We can quickly determine the origin of the problem and rectify the situation by working directly with any employees needed. We can then more easily ensure this problem does not arise for future clients by providing the appropriate support to our team members to get the job done properly.

To demonstrate our commitment to bringing as many processes as possible in-house, we are always advancing our skills and seeking new ways to serve our customers. To that end, we have recently acquired a roofing license and are pursuing a general contracting license as well.

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