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Thanks for reading our complete review of Hanwha Q Cell solar panels. This review will include their technical details/spec sheet, warranty, service, maintenance, and owner’s manual. We think that Hanwha offers the best solar panels for the Florida solar market in 2020. That’s why we prefer Q cells for all of our solar installations here in Florida. 

Our Rating for Hanwha Q Cells: A+

But First . . .  What Does a Solar Panel Do?

Solar panels are responsible for collecting sunlight and converting it into electricity. Modern solar panels work using the photovoltaic effect and produce direct current. This direct current then travels to the inverter where it is converted into the alternating current that your home uses.  

Overview of Hanwha Q Cells

We evaluate our solar panel purchases based on their weather/climate performance, appearance, manufacturer reliability/location, and warranty. Hanwha Q Cells are the best choice across the board for these metrics in Florida. 

Weather Performance

Different panels will perform differently under different weather conditions, which is part of the reason why there isn’t a universal gold standard for solar panels. The best panels for us here in Florida will be different from the best in Montana. 

Temperature, low-light performance, and lift/pressure ratings are the most important attributes of your panels to study when determining if they are appropriate for your climate. In Florida, we need panels with low heat loss, good low-light performance, and excellent lift/pressure ratings. This is because we have hot weather, plenty of rainy days, and occasional hurricane-force winds. Hanwha Q Cells offer the best performance under these conditions. In particular, they have excellent wind ratings, tested at 175 mph, which is sufficient to meet Miami’s strict building codes. Since we build to Miami code throughout Florida, you are certain to have a safe and secure solar system when choosing Goldin Solar.


Your aesthetic choice when it comes to solar panels is between panels with or without metallic rails. The latest generation of Q Cells (G6, 335 watts) have the aesthetic advantage over their previous models. The new siderails are all-black, matching the appearance of the solar cells. 

hanwha q cell g5 and g6

Manufacturer Reliability and Location

As with any major purchase, it is important to ensure that the manufacturer meets your expectations of reliability and consistency. Hanwha is a Fortune 500 company that has been publicly traded for over 30 years. Solar is just one of the many things they do and they are certain to be around to service their warranties decades down the line.

Hanwha now has a factory in Georgia where they are producing Q Cell solar panels. While these panels are still manufactured using cells imported from China, the proximity to the factory allows us to minimize the carbon footprint of our supply chain and strengthen our relationships. Additionally, having panels produced just one state away minimizes our risk when it comes to the ongoing trade war with China or a crisis situation like coronavirus. 


The Hanwha Q Cell G6 model includes a 25-year product warranty and a 25-year power production guarantee. The previous generation, the G5 model, has a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year power production guarantee.

Hanwha Q Cell Solar Panel Spec Sheet

We are using the G6 solar panels from Hanwha. They have the following specifications:

Wattage Rating: 335 watts

Current at Maximum Power Production: 9.97 amps

Output Voltage: 33.62 V DC

Efficiency:  > 18.7%

Warranty: 25 Years

Dimensions: 1740 mm x 1032 mm x 32 mm

Weight: 19.9 kg

View the complete PDF Spec Sheet for Hanwha Q Cell G6 panels.

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