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Thanks for reading our complete review of the SolarEdge HD Wave DC-Optimized inverter, including its technical details/spec sheet, warranty, service, maintenance, and owner’s manual. We think that SolarEdge offers the best grid-tie solar inverters on the market. That’s why we prefer to install SolarEdge inverters for our home solar installations here in Florida. 

Our Rating for the SolarEdge HD Wave: A+

But First . . .  What is an Inverter?

Inverters convert direct current (DC) produced by solar panels into alternating current (AC) that homes can use. As such, an inverter is a key component of any residential solar installation. 

Did you know? The inverter is the most common failure point of a home solar installation. 

Overview of the SolarEdge DC-Optimized Inverter

DC-optimized inverters are the newest inverter technology on the market and have the best performance, panel-level control and monitoring. The SolarEdge HD Wave inverter has three components which work together to ensure the smooth functioning of your system:

  1. The inverter itself 
  2. The DC optimizers
  3. The mobile app monitoring system

The inverter sits on the side of your house and converts DC power (which comes from the panels) to AC power (which your house uses). The DC optimizers are small black boxes which sit under each solar panel. The DC optimizers allow the panels to operate independently. Finally, the mobile app monitoring system lets you see the performance of each individual panel as well as your entire system from your phone, anywhere in the world. In the event of panel malfunction, the app allows you to quickly identify which panel is the problem so technicians don’t have to waste valuable hours diagnosing the problem.

SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter Spec Sheet

The inverter we use most often is the SE11400H. It has the following specifications:

Part Number: 9995984

Wattage Rating: 11,400 watts

Input Voltage: 400V DC

Output Voltage: 240V AC

Type: Single Phase

Standard Warranty: 12 Years (can be upgraded to 25 years)

View the PDF Spec Sheet for SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter

SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter Performance

The SolarEdge HD Wave Inverters are the highest efficiency inverters available, converting the greatest percentage of power from solar panels into usable power for the home. In addition to their efficiency, they also deliver highly stable power with smaller voltage fluctuations than energy from the grid. 

SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter Service, Maintenance and Warranty

The key features of the SolarEdge inverter in terms of service and maintenance are:

-The 12-year warranty covers most aspects of the inverter. We rarely encounter any service issues which aren’t included under warranty. 

-App monitoring enables you to pinpoint failed solar panels and DC optimizers.

-There is only a single inverter on the side of your home (unlike string or microinverters) so failures are easier to repair.

-SolarEdge is a well-established and extensive company and it is assured they will be available to service the inverter during its 12-year warranty period. 

Learn More About Inverters

You can learn more about the inverters that SolarEdge offers from the SolarEdge website.

Occasionally, we will install Enphase microinverters from the IQ7 line instead of SolarEdge inverters.

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