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So my friend Albert waited two years on the waitlist and finally got a Tesla Model 3 in his garage. He was super excited, he had the only one he’s seen and it feels great.

Then he started to notice the Model 3’s popping up everywhere. That’s a good thing. It’s important for people to convert to solar-powered electric cars and take fossil fuel cars off the road (it’s one of my top three green living solutions). But Albert here still wants to have that special uniqueness that he originally had with the Model 3.

That’s why I decided to help Albert out by installing 12 sleek, easy and useful modifications for his Tesla Model 3. Here they are:

Albert in Tesla Tesla Model Three Mods with Daren Goldin Title

Mod #1: Maxpider Floormats

The first in my list of Tesla Model 3 Mods is Maxpider all-weather floormats. These are the floormats that the forums are going crazy about right now. The aesthetic really matches the sleek minimalist modern style of the Tesla Model 3 and they cover the entire floor. More information on the Maxpider floormats.

Daren Goldin showing off the Maxpyder floormat for the Tesla Model 3

Mod #2: LED Flare Kit

Our second Tesla Model 3 mod is a flare kit with LED lights. Beautiful. More about LED Flares.

Mod #3: Cleaning Supplies from the Chemical Guys

Our third mod is cleaning supplies from the Chemical Guys. That’s definitely where you want to buy all the supplies to clean the Tesla’s interior and exterior. 

First is the Chemical Guys all interior cleaner. This helps make sure the Tesla’s interior stays nice for many years to come. Second, microfiber towels to clean the interior. Third, a waffle pattern towel for drying your car after you get the touch-free car washes. Finally, a mini microfiber cloth and spray to clean the screen of the Tesla. We have a refill bottle inside and a small bottle to keep in the car. That way when you’re at a red light and notice you’ve got a smudge on the screen, squirt squirt, wipe wipe, you’re done, it’s nice and clean again. More information on cleaning with Chemical Guys. 

Daren Goldin with the Chemical Guys Cleaner for Tesla Model 3

Mod #4: Carbon Fiber Center Console 

Our fourth mod for the Tesla Model 3 is a carbon fiber center console replacement. This adds a more modern and sleek aesthetic to the front area of the car. Where to find a carbon fiber center console replacement.

Tesla Model 3 Mod Center Console

Tesla Model 3 Mods, #4: Carbon fiber center console replacement.

Mod #5: Portable First Aid Kit

Our fifth mod is a portable first aid kit. It’s always smart to have a first aid kit in your car. It’s got everything you need to go into battle and come out on the other side. More on first aid kits for your car.

Tesla Model 3 Mods First Aid Kit

Mod #6: Tesla-Branded Puddle Lights

The sixth mod for the Tesla Model 3 we’re going to put in today is one of my favorites. The Tesla comes with puddle lights. With puddle lights, when you open the door at night you can make sure you’re not stepping into a puddle. From the factory they’re just regular lights. We’re swapped them out with some Tesla-branded puddle lights so you’ve got a sweet looking Tesla logo on the ground when you open the front doors. More on Tesla puddle lights.

Tesla Model 3 Mods Tesla logo puddle light

Mod #7: Essential Oil Diffuser

Mod number seven is the more eco-friendly and modern alternative to the car air freshener. It’s a stainless steel essential oil diffuser that plugs into the car. You just drip some oil into it and it will diffuse the aroma into the air of the car making it smell great. I brought Albert some eucalyptus oil for it, but you can use whatever essential oil you’d like. The eucalyptus makes the car smell like a spa (Albert: “That’s one of my favorite scents!”). More on the oil diffuser.

Daren Goldin putting essential oil into Tesla Model 3 essential oil diffuser

Mod #8: Tesla Dash Cam 

The eighth mod for the Tesla Model 3 is a 128 GB flash drive that turns the car’s cameras into dashcams. All you have to do is make sure it has a folder called Tesla Cam and connect the flashdrive to the car. 

Wait, it’s that simple? Yep. Someone on a forum somewhere asked the universe, “Hey, the car has a whole bunch of cameras built into it, how do we make those cameras function as dash cams?” 

Elon Musk replied, “hold my beer.” They waved the magic wand, came out with Version 9 of the software, and said all you have to do is take a flashdrive, make a folder called Tesla Cam, and now you can utilize the onboard cameras as dashcams. Simple as that. Grab a flashdrive

Mod #9: USB Splitter

The ninth mod is a USB splitter. We are going to convert your car charger to a wireless charger, but we want to leave two USB spaces available so you can plug in the USB drive and utilize the Tesla dash cam feature (Albert: “He thought of everything!”). More about USB splitters.

The Tesla Model 3 Mods with Daren Goldin are starting to pile up

It’s really starting to pile up

Mod #10: Center Console Organizer

The tenth mod for the Tesla Model 3 is definitely one of the more practical ones. You organizer-types are going to love this one. It’s a center console organizer. As you start piling stuff into the center console, the organizer will help keep it nice, clean and organized. More on the center console organizer.

Tesla Model 3 Mod Center Console Organizer

The Tesla Model 3 center console organizer

Mod #11: Survival Kit

(Albert: “There’s more, guys!”)
The 11th mod is the survival kit. This is for when you go deep into the wild swamps of Florida and can’t make it out. You’ve got a flashlight, a pen to break the window in case of emergency, seatbelt cutter, whistle, stuff like that. I hope you never need this stuff but it’s always good to be prepared. Find the perfect survival kit.

Daren Goldin showing off the Tesla puddle lights

Last One, Mod #12: Vinyl Sill Wraps

Alright, our 12th and final item in our list of Tesla Model 3 mods is clear vinyl wraps to cover the aluminum sills on the drivers and passengers side of the car. This will keep those sills nice so they don’t get dinged up or stained getting in and out of the car. More about sill wraps.

Time to get to work putting the mods on the car! 

(Albert: “Is all this going to fit?”)

Daren Goldin installing Tesla puddle lights
Sure enough, it does.

Daren Goldin installing Tesla sill cover
Let’s take a look at the finished product. 

Tesla Model 3 Mods finished product

OK, so from the outside, it’s hard to see most of these mods

I handed Albert his keys and he was elated (Albert: “Thank you so much man, I’m super excited. I can’t wait to give it a spin. The Tesla Model 3 by Daren Goldin. Strongly recommended. Thank you so much.” 

Time Passes . . . 

So a couple of weeks later we caught up with Albert again to see how he was liking the mods.

Albert happy with Tesla

Hear it from him: “Let me tell you, it’s been a hell of a two weeks. I’m really enjoying all the new features on the car, it’s a different experience. Thank you Daren, thank you Goldin Solar. I am really proud to be part of the team.”

There you have it folks. Now you know a little bit more about how you can start living a net-zero life with the solar-powered electric car and not have to sacrifice any of your comforts. Drive in style with your souped up Tesla Model 3.

Learn more about Tesla: Tesla FAQ 

This is Post Three in a series based on our Green Stuff YouTube channel.

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