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Hollywood Solar Company: Goldin Solar

Kevin Arnold

Kevin Arnold

August 31, 2020

Fun Facts About Hollywood, Florida

Many people wonder how Hollywood, Florida got its name. Why there is even a Hollywood in Florida?

Learn this and more from our five fun facts about Hollywood:

  1. Hollywood was founded during Florida’s 1920’s land boom
  2. By the time the first Europeans arrived in Florida, the Tequesta Tribe had been living in the area for at least 2,000 years
  3. Later, the Seminole Tribe, a conglomerate of many Indian nations and escaped slaves, lived in the region that is now Hollywood, Florida
  4. Hollywood was named after Hollywood, California by Joseph Young. It was originally named “Hollywood by the Sea,” to distinguish it from Hollywood in the Hills, another town developed by Young
  5. Hollywood has a tropical climate, with an average high of 90 degrees F in July and an average low of 59 degrees in January

Why Go Solar in Hollywood?

Solar is a smart investment for the planet and the pocketbook. When you install solar, you are replacing your monthly electric bill with a finance payment for the solar system. This allows you to protect yourself from future rate increases, build equity into a home improvement that will increase your home’s resale value, and ensure your energy is coming from a clean source.

Over time, you will save significant money and prevent many thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted to the atmosphere. As a coastal city facing significant risk from climate change, this is an important step toward ensuring Hollywood remains livable for many generations to come.

Paying for Solar in Hollywood

At Goldin Solar, we make it easy for you to save money with solar on day one with $0 down. This is possible due to Hollywood utility Florida Power & Light’s net metering policies and federal and local incentives. The federal tax credit for going solar in 2020 is 26%, but act quickly, because this incentive is set to expire soon. Hollywood residents can also take advantage of solar’s exemptions from sales and property taxes here in Florida.

Solar can be purchased in Hollywood with cash or financing. Learn more about which is best for your project.

Is Solar Right for Me?

You can determine if solar is right for you by answering a few easy questions:

  1. Do you own your home?
  2. Is your roof in good condition?
  3. Does your roof receive sunlight during the day?
  4. Do you like saving money?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, continue your solar journey by learning how solar works in Florida.

If not, you can take steps to increase your eligibility for solar. A roof can be replaced under the same contract as a solar installation, since Goldin Solar is licensed in Hollywood for both roofing and solar. Shade can often be reduced by trimming trees.

Choosing a Solar Company in Hollywood, Florida

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Florida has 221 solar installation companies in 2020. Florida solar companies range from big national chains to one-van mom-and-pop operations. With so many choices, it is very important for you to do some research before choosing a solar installer in Florida. Choosing the right solar contractor for your project is essential to ensuring your family has clean, affordable energy for years to come.

Exploring Goldin Solar Customers in Hollywood

Goldin Solar has been installing in Hollywood since 2014. Use the interactive map below to see how many people have gone solar with Goldin near you!


Why Choose Goldin Solar for Your Home in Florida

Goldin Solar is committed to offering Floridians the best solar experience possible. We utilize top-of-the-line technology like Hanwha Q Cell solar panels, SolarEdge inverters, and the Tesla Powerwall backup battery. We perform all work ourselves with in-house sales and installation teams. Our expertise has been recognized with industry awards and numerous five-star reviews from our customers. Learn what Goldin Solar can offer your home by getting a free quote today.

Learn More About Climate Change in South Florida

In August 2020, we sat down with Mario Ariza, author of Disposable City: Miami’s Future on the Shores of Climate Catastrophe. Learn more about the troubling future faced by South Florida from Mario and the Goldin Solar team:

Kevin Arnold

Kevin Arnold

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