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I recently installed three Tesla Powerwalls at my house in Miami, Florida. As soon as they were online, I was in love! In this blog, I’ll share my three top features of Tesla Powerwall.

But first, what is Powerwall?

Meet Tesla Powerwall

In essence, Tesla Powerwall is a battery. But it’s not just any battery, it’s an AC-coupled battery that can power your house.

powerwall installed in south miami on porch

Powerwall seamlessly integrates with your utility meter and home solar array to provide backup power in the event of an outage. Here in South Florida, that’s an amazing thing, when blackouts from hurricanes can last weeks. Here are my three favorite features of Tesla Powerwall.

Feature One: Storing Solar Energy

The number one reason I decided to install Powerwalls, and the number one reason our customers choose to install them is that Powerwall allows you to store energy produced by a home solar array for later use. This means your solar array can still provide power to your home even in the event of a grid failure. If the sun is shining, I can power my house as normal indefinitely with Powerwall. I discovered this when I turned my main breaker off during a demonstration and forgot to switch it back on until I looked at my monitoring many days later.

Many people are surprised to learn that a solar array can’t power their home when the grid is down. The reason is that solar arrays can pose a threat to the grid during an outage by introducing high voltages to a system that is supposed to be turned off.

Learn more about the relationship you have with your utility when you choose solar.

Feature Two: The Software

I’m a big fan of Tesla. One of the major reasons is that Tesla designs their products to adapt to changing technology and conditions. In other words, the hardware is built ahead of the software in terms of its capabilities. This means Tesla can continue to develop their software after products are released, and the software changes can propagate to all of the systems that are already out in the world.

For Powerwall, this means that in addition to its already-powerful software features and operating modes, we can look forward to more being introduced.

A view of the Tesla Powerwall monitoring app

Feature Three: They’re Beautiful

Just look at them! They’re thin and fit perfectly on the side of the house. Looking at Powerwalls is an everyday reminder of the commitments I have made to protect the planet by reducing my carbon footprint. With the new Backup Gateway recently rolled out, the entire Powerwall system has a sleek and modern design. Check it out:

Want to Learn What Powerwall Can Do for You?

If you’re interested in Powerwall battery backup for your home, read our Complete Guide to Powerwall in Florida to learn more about how many Powerwalls you might need, the technical specs, and more. When you’re ready to chat with a Goldin Solar representative, you can get a quote by messaging us in the chat or entering your information on our quote page.

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