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We understand solar is a major investment towards clean energy. That’s why we work closely with our clients to meet their specific energy needs.

Custom Design
Our team of engineers and consultants will model out the exact size solar system to best fit the home’s energy needs using top industry tools.

Vertically Integrated Team
Every step of the solar process is complete by our in-house teams, including engineering, procurement, long-term management, and installation.

High Performance Technology
We use the most efficient inverter in the industry, which maximizes energy production and allows you to have panel-level monitoring.

Outage Protection
Many of our customers choose to include Tesla Powerwall batteries to ensure they have energy during an outage.

The Spargo Residence, 22.78 kW system

The Philips Residence

6.7 kW System
saves ~$106 a month

Sally, the current mayor of South Miami, went solar for one sole reason- the environment. “I like that I’m not polluting the world,” she said. Philips understands that environmental degradation is a complex problem and that people still have to live in the real world, so she does her part by running on clean energy.
Sally was so happy working with Goldin Solar that she took ads out in the local Miami paper, telling people about switching to solar.

The Riegler Residence

23.1 kW System
saves ~$366 a month

Robert Riegler went solar for his family. A family of 6 with four small children, he was grateful to immediately slash a ~$300-$400 bill to support his family instead.

He also lives 6 miles away from a nuclear power plant that is an environmental concern to the Biscayne Aquifer. He went solar wanting his children to grow up with less pollution.

Riegler in front of his

23.1 kW system.

“At some point we’re going to run out of oil, we’re going to run out of all these fossil fuels. This is basically free energy.

It’s a no brainer because at some point we’re going to run out of fuel.

The Mcdonald’s Residence, 15.1 kW system

Read what our customers have said about getting solar for their home:

The Martinez Family
11.68 kW system

“I always had a project manager I could call to ask questions. The install team was super helpful, super friendly. They really worked with my schedule.

I had this idea that I thought I had to be really involved- scheduling different people and going through all these logistics. The process was a lot easier than I was expecting. Really the project manager took care of everything.”

The Lewkovich Family
14.4 kW System

“My mom suggested we should get solar panels because we have two ACs and we also have a pool pump. After going with Goldin Solar, we did not look back. It was the one of the best decisions we made for the house.

Without solar our payments would be $400-$450 a month. So we’re only paying for the finance, which is the $200 a month. The process was super easy. Goldin Solar actually made it even easier.”

The Perez Family
11.47 kW System

“If I am going to have to pay FPL which means burn fuel, burn coal – why not do it solar?

The install process was seamless. Not only did they tell us when they would come on what days, by the time I came back home at 5pm, they would be gone. It was like nobody had been there. I would go every night into our treehouse and peek at our roof and one day all panels were all set. And the end of that day I was told our system was producing and sure enough, it was actually producing.”

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