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Dolphin Fire Station 68

Municipal & Non-Profit

Installing solar panels on municipal and non-profit building is more than just significant savings. It’s also showing the community that you stand behind clean energy.

How can tax-exempt organizations benefit?

Organizations such as non-profits and local governments that don’t pay federal taxes can take advantage of the tax credits for their investments in clean energy production and reliable backup energy storage  available through Direct Pay.

Direct Pay

Tax-exempt organizations such as non-profits, states, counties, municipalities…. even schools and fire stations are eligible for direct payment of funds from the IRS in lieu of tax credits on projects placed in service after 2022.

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Read what some teams said about working with Goldin Solar on their projects:

Anthony Cendoya, President
Cendoya Construction
22.2 kW System

“Working with Goldin Solar is such a pleasure as their team brings the highest level of technical expertise & problem solving skills. During the rehabilitation of a 200 unit project, I was faced with numerous obstacles but Goldin Solar’s team was able to adapt and work within project conditions to get the project done on time and within budget. On behalf of my staff we very much appreciate your efforts and look forward to working with you again in the near future!”

Brett Buss, Director
Lincoln Avenue Capital

“Goldin Solar is an excellent partner. Our company–an affordable housing developer, investor, and operator–has worked with them to install solar systems at a number of our properties across Florida. Their work is high-quality and consistent. Their team members are communicative and facilitate a seamless installation process. We highly recommend Goldin Solar!”

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