Custom Solar Installations to Fit Your Special Project

The Croft Residence,

6.6 kW System




Your solar system is more than just your power plant- its form is as important as its function. When designed and built right, they are a beautiful statement piece on your property.

Custom, Engineered Design

Goldin Solar is your partner in the design & construction of your custom solar structure. As engineers, we can execute any custom vision you have with both beauty and functionality.

Stacking Functions

Custom solar structures, including carports, gazebos, and awnings, serve multiple purposes: supporting solar panels and acting as a shaded area. We are highly equipped to design for all types of custom creation, optimizing both aesthetics and efficiency.

High Performance Technology

We’re not just building for the aesthetics- we’re using the most efficient materials on the market, best suited for Florida’s conditions.

Outage Protection

Many of our custom install customers choose to include Tesla Powerwall batteries to ensure they have energy during an outage.

Geneva, FL Residence

17 kW System

saves ~$286 a month

When this Geneva customer reached out to Goldin Solar, they had a tall order: install a solar photovoltaic system without having any penetrations in the home’s roof. After some discussions and in the spirit of understanding the customer’s vision, we decided that the best solution would be to install two solar pergolas on both ends of the pool area. The design accomplished the customer’s wishes of powering the house with solar, without having any panels installed on the roof, and provided the additional benefit of two shaded structures to anyone spending time at the pool. The result is a beautiful architectural element that serves as the power plant of the house and a shaded area to escape from the sun.

Wiebe Residence

11.7 kW System

saves ~$197 a month

“I was very intimidated by the whole process, however Goldin Solar made it very simple. The professionalism was there and the knowledge was there. Goldin Solar was the first and last that we interviewed. We sat outside on the patio, just very personable, very open book, very honest; there was just something about their presence that we both felt very comfortable with. We just decided we were not going to shop any further, we didn’t think that we would find a better match.”

Ruiz Residence

6.96 kW System

saves ~$118 a month

The owner of this Doral home had found Lumos Solar online and felt it was the best fit to meet their vision. Lumos referred them to Goldin Solar, recommending that they were the right contractor for the job. The task was to install a solar photovoltaic system that would also provide a shaded structure by the pool and help block direct sunlight and heat load from entering the living room. The challenge was finding the perfect balance between blocking out the direct sunlight and heat into the living room while not losing the beautiful natural light illuminating inside the home. Goldin Solar accomplished this by installing the Lumos system, which is architecturally stunning and perfectly performs that function. Lumos solar panels are frameless & don’t have a back sheet beneath the cells, allowing sunlight to travel through the gaps between the photovoltaic cells. That light is the perfect amount to block direct sunlight without compromising the beauty of the natural light. Utilizing our expertise & structural engineering, we were able to complete this cantilevered system & still adhered to Florida building code & Miami-Dade County hurricane wind speed requirements.

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