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Cabana Club, 226 kW System


Installing solar panels on your commercial building is more than just significant savings. It’s also improving the beauty of your building and showing your clients that you stand behind clean energy.

Custom, Engineered Design

We’re owned and operated by a team of engineers, which means we will deliver a high quality engineered and constructed solar system for your business with complex structural and electrical considerations in mind.

High Performance Technology

We’re not just building for the aesthetics- we’re using the most efficient materials on the market, best suited for Florida’s conditions.

Comprehensive Partnership

We understand that it’s more than a high quality build. We’ll be by your side from concept to long term operation and maintenance. You can rely on our expertise for understanding the financial modeling in the feasibility analysis

Outage Protection

Many of Goldin Solar’s commercial customers choose to pair Tesla Powerwall battery backup with their solar system to ensure they have energy during an outage.

Coconut Grove Residence Inn

92.4 kW System

saves ~12,456 kWh per month

In 2014, Goldin Solar was hired as a subcontractor to construct a 92.4 kW system spanning three buildings, which comprise the Residence Inn by Marriott in Coconut Grove. This install covers a substantial amount of the roof area and is installed in a fixed tilt configuration, tilting the panels in order to maximize energy production. These considerations have resulted in significant energy offset for the hotel. The beautiful thing about solar on a hotel is that it works on multiple levels: it saves money for the hotel operators, lowers the hotel’s carbon footprint, and sends the message to guests of the hotel that its values align with sustainability.

Miami Children's Museum

14.31 kW System

saves ~1,816 kWh per month

In 2014 Goldin Solar was hired to perform project management and construction of the solar system at the Miami Children’s museum. Goldin Solar used its skills and experience to meet the request of the Miami Children’s Museum: to have the solar system installed without any roof penetrations. Goldin Solar was able to meet this request by utilizing the building’s existing structure, including its iconic wave shaped walls and the structural beams which connect the walls.

The result is a one-of-a-kind installation of a wave shaped solar array with zero roof penetrations. The solar system not only produces energy to offset the building’s energy needs, but it is also used as an exhibit in the museum to educate about solar.

Turkey Lake Service Plaza

36.7 kW System

saves ~4,656 kWh per month

Goldin Solar was hired to install a photovoltaic solar system at Turkey Lake Service Plaza on the Florida Turnpike. The building is a rest stop used for drivers and families to refuel and recharge on their way to and from Orlando. This stop is the most heavily foot-trafficked rest stop in Florida due to its proximity to the Orlando theme parks. The installation consists of a 36.7 kW photovoltaic solar system with panel-level optimization and monitoring to maximize energy production.

The Turnpike opted to use monitoring; not only to manage the solar system but also, display the benefits of going solar. With this level of technology, patrons can observe the energy production of the system, the pounds of carbon dioxide offset, the equivalent trees planted, and other insightful information. Thus, giving the building’s operators the ability to utilize the solar system to demonstrate to state, national, and international tourists how we use solar power in the Sunshine State. These operators entrusted Goldin Solar with taking on this crucial installation knowing the outcome would be an impeccable success.


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state of Florida:

44.7 kW System

saves ~5,672 kWh per month

20 kW System

saves ~2,696 kWh per month

72.1 kW System

saves ~9,720 kWh per month

Read what some teams said about working with Goldin Solar on their projects:

Anthony Cendoya, President
Cendoya Construction
22.2 kW System

“Working with Goldin Solar is such a pleasure as their team brings the highest level of technical expertise & problem solving skills. During the rehabilitation of a 200 unit project, I was faced with numerous obstacles but Goldin Solar’s team was able to adapt and work within project conditions to get the project done on time and within budget. On behalf of my staff we very much appreciate your efforts and look forward to working with you again in the near future!”

Brett Buss, Director
Lincoln Avenue Capital

“Goldin Solar is an excellent partner. Our company–an affordable housing developer, investor, and operator–has worked with them to install solar systems at a number of our properties across Florida. Their work is high-quality and consistent. Their team members are communicative and facilitate a seamless installation process. We highly recommend Goldin Solar!”

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