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We usually respond in 1-2 business days to service requests. To speed up the process, help us diagnose the problem by following our diagnosis guide below (optional).

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    Diagnosis Guide

    Help us help you – if you would like quicker and more accurate service, please follow our guide below that can help us understand your problem.
    I have an inverter without
    a screen display
    I have an inverter with
    a screen display

    Please log into the
    “mySolarEdge” app. Open the menu in the top left and select “Inverter Status”

    When prompted, scan the QR code on your SolarEdge inverter. The QR code will be located on the top right side of the inverter.

    Move the inverter’s on/off/P switch (toggle switch) to the “P” position and release within two seconds.

    Please take a screenshot of this page and upload it above. This will help Goldin Solar diagnose your system more easily and offer you quicker response time.

    Please click the “OK” button under the display.

    Then, take a picture of the three light display underneath the logo. Upload in the service form above.