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Terms of Service

Thank you for reaching out to the Goldin Solar Service department, and we are sorry to hear that you are having issues with your solar system. It is our utmost priority to get your system back up and running so you can continue to enjoy clean and renewable solar power ASAP. The Goldin Solar Service Department prides itself on fast response time and best-in-class customer service.

For us to better assist you, there are terms of service we ask you to understand and agree to. While your solar system is still under warranty, we will repair it or replace the defective parts at no cost to you. Usually, the issue is observable through an online system when the solar equipment connects to the internet. Sometimes the issue cannot be diagnosed until a Goldin Solar service technician is onsite to troubleshoot and identify the cause. In these cases, the underlying issue may turn out to be related to the solar system, and sometimes it may turn out to be related to an entirely different problem.

In the case of issues that are not readily diagnosable through the online system, Goldin Solar reserves the right to request a credit card authorization form filled out prior to mobilizing onsite to identify the underlying issue. However, if the cause was related to the solar system and is under warranty, there will be no charge.

If the cause is determined to be unrelated to the solar system, Goldin Solar will be charged for the time it took the technician to diagnose the problem.

Your solar system, which typically includes online monitoring is intended for you to occasionally monitor the performance of your solar system. The online monitoring system, which is available via smartphone app or online through a web browser, is to empower the customer with the ability to identify any issues with the system (such as a defective part or shading on the array). While we are pleased to offer panel level as well as system-level monitoring, it is your responsibility to monitor your own system and to notify us if there are any issues or suspected issues.

Since it is the customers’ responsibility to monitor the performance of their own systems, Goldin Solar is not responsible for prolonged downtime of the system, which resulted from not notifying Goldin Solar of an issue for a long time. Goldin Solar does offer an optional service plan (Gold Service Plan), which if purchased would include Goldin Solar monitoring your solar system and notifying you if an issue is observed.

Additionally, the customer understands that while we work to get you the replacement parts ASAP, the warranty does not cover the lost energy in the time it takes to get the system back up and running. For example, if the solar system is down for two weeks while a part is being replaced, the warranty would not cover the monetary value of the energy in those two weeks.

Goldin Solar does offer reimbursement for “down-time” in our platinum plan. If you are interested in purchasing Gold or Platinum Service Plans, please discuss this with your customer service representative in the service department.

I have read and agree to the above terms of service.