High-End Residential Solar Power for Florida Homeowners

Bart Reines Construction,

40.95 kW System


High End


We understand the challenges faced by the general contractor to build ground up and aspire to be an asset on your team.

Custom, Engineered Design

Your solar and battery backup system will be beautifully engineered, specified, permitted, constructed, and maintained by a company owned and run by engineers.s.

High Performance Technology

We understand that a beautiful home deserves a beautiful solar system, which consists of the most efficient materials, and best suited for Florida’s conditions.

Impeccable Detail

When it comes to your luxury home or ground-up construction project, build quality is of utmost importance- rest assured that there is no compromising those critical details.

Outage Protection

Many of our high-end residential customers choose to include Tesla Powerwall batteries with their system. The reason being is to ensure they have energy during an outage and to protect their beautiful home.

Coconut Grove Residence

29.44 kW System
saves ~$467 a month

Our client had solar on his office building already and knew firsthand that it was good for both the environment and made sense from a business perspective. He had paid off his commercial solar system in just seven years.
Therefore, it made sense for him to switch to solar for his home a few years later to reduce his carbon footprint and save $5000-$6000 a year.

The Beall Residence

25.2 kW System

saves ~$400 a month

Hollis Beal grew up in the 1970s when solar panels began to gain popularity. He recognized that his bills kept going up due to increasing temperatures in Florida and thus wanted to save money on energy bills.
He also went solar to increase the resale value of his house. He said that when it comes time to sell his place, he would have the opportunity to “sell it for more, or sell it faster” because now, the new owner could benefit from the savings.

“We had been in touch with Ethan Shapiro for about three years before he built his new house. After hearing about Goldin Solar, Ethan had reached out to us and let us know he was planning to construct a new home with solar panels. Ethan had stayed in touch over the years until he was finally ready.

We had known for a few years that Ethan planned to install a massive solar system. However, when he announced he was planning to add 7 Tesla Powerwalls to the system, we were excited to turn the beautiful house into an energy fortress. The results were stunning. A 33.5 kW system with 7 Powerwalls that would keep the home powered no matter what happened to the grid.”

Daren Goldin
CEO of Goldin Solar

Pinecrest Residence, 30.4 kW System

Check out a few high end residential projects that we completed all over Florida:

33.3 kW System

saves ~$528 a month

27.8 kW System

saves ~$441 a month

28.8 kW System

saves ~$457 a month

37.4 kW System

saves ~$593 a month

46.5 kW System

saves ~$737 a month

26.7 kW System

saves ~$423 a month

Read what our customers have said
about getting solar for their home:

Coconut Grove Homeowner
29.4 kW System

“It worked out beautifully. My energy bill here at the house is about $9 a month, which is basically just the connection charge. We’re saving about 5-6K dollars a year on our 4700 sq ft home.

We weren’t really happy with the subcontractor that installed the solar system in our office building and when we met Daren, the contract was stark. He was outstanding cooperating with contractor obtaining city permts, and whenever we had an issue he was here at a moment’s notice.

Robert Hagerman
Bart Reines Construction
Project Manager
40.95 kW System

“Daren Goldin and his team are by far the most knowledgeable, technical, skilled and professional solar panel and battery backup contractor we have worked with. We will continue to recommend and work with them for years to come.”



Ethan Shapiro
30.4 kW System

“From our first inquiry until our 30.4kW system went live, our experience with Goldin Solar was positive. The one thing that set them apart was the team’s ability to explain all the variables that go into a solar system and answer questions patiently and thoroughly. They didn’t use high pressure sales tactics and attempt to rip us off with high prices like other contractors. Choose Goldin Solar because they deliver energy independence for Florida consumers.”

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