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The Green Stuff

The Goldin Solar YouTube show for all ways to be, buy and live green in Florida.

Green living is so much more than just solar. The Green Stuff showcases people, programs, and places that embody sustainable lifestyles in Florida.

The sunshine state is filled with people dedicated to creating a greener world. From folks committed to living off the land, to artists spreading education, to scientists on the front lines of understanding climate, we’ve got it all.

Join Goldin Solar CEO Daren Goldin as he travels around the state learning about all the ways to create a healthier and more ecofriendly world.

In the Green Stuff, Daren has visited intentional communities, given tours of his green Miami home, picked up 610 pounds of trash in Wynwood, and much more.

“When I wake up in the morning, I have a full battery reserve. I never have to stop at a gas station again, unless I’m buying windshield wiper fluid.”

-Daren, CEO of Goldin Solar

Featured Episodes

Daren unboxes and installs the new Tesla Backup Gateway 2, describing the advantages it offers over the previous generation.
What can you do in the time your Tesla supercharges? Hint: It involves heights.
The man, myth, legend: Terry Meer – SUSTAINABLE Kashi director committed to demonstrating green living.
Join Linda Cheung, artist and climate change activist, as she creates art for change.

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