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Our Process

In 2018, we powered on a 29.4 kW system at this Coconut Grove customer’s home.

Here was our process:

1. Creating the Design

During the design process, we used industry-standard solar engineering software to design the array of panels on the customer’s roof. This software simulates weather patterns, solar irradiation, and annual and monthly energy production.

2. Engineering & Permitting

In the engineering phase, we created detailed engineering plans based on the conceptual design. The engineered plans were complete with structural analysis and electrical schematics. They were then reviewed and certified by a Goldin Solar Professional Engineer (PE) and submitted for permitting.

3. Installing the System

During installation, our installation team mounted the panels, inverter and other hardware to perfectly match the engineered design. Our attention to detail results in impeccable installations that we can all be proud of.

4. Monitoring the System

After the system was installed, we walked this customer through his SolarEdge monitoring software. This allows him to monitor each individual panel and the system as a whole. If there is ever a concern about your system’s performance, Goldin Solar’s technicians are only a call away.

This customer saves around $500 a month.

Let’s see if we can’t save you some money too.