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By now, you should know that solar systems can save you money every month with $0 down. But what about added costs, like maintenance?

It turns out that solar panels require very little maintenance. In this short guide, we have compiled everything you need to know about solar panel maintenance in Florida.

There are two kinds of maintenance a solar system can require: routine maintenance of the system to ensure its smooth operation and fixing components that are not working properly. This guide addresses these two kinds of solar system maintenance in the sections below.

Solar Panel Routine Maintenance

There is really only one thing you need to do on a regular basis to ensure your solar system operates effectively: clean the solar panels. Cleaning solar panels is not necessary for the longevity of the system but will improve efficiency and power generated.

Over time, pollen and dust accumulate on solar panels, preventing light from reaching the cells that generate electricity. Cleaning once a year is generally sufficient and can increase solar panel efficiency by 10-15%. Cleaning can be done yourself or by hiring a professional company. In Florida, cleaning panels is often done naturally by our torrential rainstorms!

Learn how to clean your solar panels with this short video with former Mayor of South Miami Phil Stoddard:

Fixing Solar System Components

Solar systems have no moving parts and do not break easily. Nevertheless, there are electrical components that sometimes need to be replaced.

Many of these components are covered under manufacturer’s warranties, so they can be replaced relatively cheaply if they malfunction. You can easily monitor your system’s production in order to determine if a component needs to be fixed or replaced.

Monitoring Your Solar System

At Goldin Solar, we install DC-optimized inverters from SolarEdge. These inverters include panel-by-panel production monitoring so you can monitor your solar array’s production from anywhere with an internet connection. You can log in to your account at SolarEdge.com to monitor your solar system’s production. Monitoring allows you to see the real-time and cumulative energy generated by the system as a whole or by individual panels.

Learn more about how to tell if your system is working properly.

In addition, Goldin Solar offers a variety of service plans on a subscription basis, some of which include weekly monitoring by our service team. That way, you can rest easy knowing we will be in touch with you if your system ever needs repair.

Replacing Solar Components

If your solar system does have a component that needs to be replaced, it is likely covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. The Hanwha Q CELLS solar panels installed by Goldin Solar have 25-year product warranties. The inverter itself has a 12-25-year product warranty. Goldin Solar also offers a workmanship warranty covering the costs of any repairs that are required due to errors in installation.

Learn more about the warranties offered by Goldin Solar and our product manufacturers.

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