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Goldin Solar is one of Florida’s leading solar energy contractors with offices in Miami, and Vero Beach. We are committed to helping our customers produce their own electricity, in a less expensive manner, than if they were to continue to purchase their electricity from their current power company; and to make sure that we install only the most reliable equipment, at the best possible price, so our customers can rest assured that they will be saving money, and the environment, for decades to come. our-teamOur perspective is that a solar contracting company is the strongest when it can rely on a comprehensive background in engineering and construction management. Read more about some of our team members. This allows us to perform product selection, project engineering and project delivery, not based on short term industry trends, but based on the understanding of real science and engineering principles behind the product. Our background has allowed us to optimize the construction project delivery process and product selection. We are dedicated to demonstrating the viability of solar by maintaining a lean operation to keep our costs down to pass on the savings to our customers and business partners. By keeping our price low we are able to demonstrate that the solar systems we offer have a better cost performance the baseline utility. We take pride in offering the lowest costs, while installing the highest quality systems with the best in class products. In our installations, our attention to detail and commitment to impeccable workmanship results in beautiful installations that our customers and business partners can take pride in and brag about. Thus homeowners, commercial building owners, and our business partners have the ability to show off photos of the beautiful aesthetic that is solar PV energy, and clean energy continues to grow.

This is our commitment to you, our commitment to affordable clean energy, and our commitment to the planet.

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“There is nothing more ridiculous than living in the Sunshine State and not making use of the sun’s energy. I am interested in informing others about solar, want to show them my array and encourage them to give Goldin Solar a call because both Goldin Solar and using solar power are good. My cost per day for energy has dropped from an average of $2.17 per day to $0.43 Whoo Hoo! I am proud to be a part of a solar energy program. I highly recommend Goldin Solar when you are ready to let the sunshine in!”
– Karen Kerr, Miami Sierra Club Group Leader, Proud Goldin Solar system owner

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