Client Testimonials - Goldin Solar, LLC

We love our customers.

Every day, we are humbled by the opportunity to help everyday Floridians improve their lives and protect the planet.

They are doctors, teachers and blue-collar workers.

With an extra $50 a month in the bank, they are treating themselves to healthier food, saving for college, and buying new toys to explore the real Florida.

Meet the Hale Family from Dunnellon, FL.

In 2019, they installed an 8.125 kW system to reduce their monthly costs and switch to clean energy. Mr. Hale dreamed of building a home fueled by sunlight since his time spent in the military.

“You could tell it wasn’t just another quick job for them. They really took time to go the extra mile for us.”

Meet the McDonald Family from Lehigh Acres, FL.

In 2017, they installed a 15.1 kW system because they wanted to save money with clean energy. During their first year in Florida, their solar system and roof endured hurricane Irma without a scratch.

“At some point we’re going to run out of oil and other fossil fuels. This is basically free energy. It’s a no-brainer because at some point we’ll run out of fuel.”

Check out our customers and their journeys going solar with Goldin.

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