Solar Project Highlight: Coconut Grove Residence Inn - Goldin Solar, LLC

Coconut Grove Residence Inn Solar Project Overview

coconut grove residence inn solar


The Residence Inn at Coconut Grove solar project was one of the first systems we installed as a company. This project does a great job of telling the Goldin Solar story and highlighting our strengths. 

While the traditional trajectory for a solar company is to go from person-in-a-van completing small residential projects and slowly moving to bigger projects, our completion of this 90 kilowatt system early on cemented our role as a leader in solar within the state of Florida. We were able to complete the project successfully by leveraging our team’s existing expertise in construction management, utility-scale solar, and warehousing.  

Goldin Solar was a labor-only solar subcontractor on this project, which was a thorough renovation of the interior and exterior of the building aimed at modernizing its feel and functionality. We worked closely with the roofing subcontractor to finalize the installation details. Unlike many subcontractors one might encounter, when we encountered challenges in the project (like an unspecified racking detail or the lack of a permit), we worked with the relevant parties to find a solution instead of simply waiting for the general contractor to make it right.



Technical Details

-90 kW

-Flat roof install

-Panels installed on an 18” substructure on the decking lifting panels above roof insulation

-Completed on schedule and on budget

Key Challenges

  1. This project involved coordination with many different subcontractors.
  2. There was no permit when the Goldin Solar team mobilized, so we worked with the GC and permitting entities in order to secure the appropriate permit and begin work. 
  3. Several construction details were unspecified in the plans, requiring adaptive problem solving and design beyond our original scope of work.

Coconut Grove Solar Success

The Coconut Grove Residence Inn solar project was one of Goldin Solar’s early demonstrations of excellence. While we were hired as a labor-only subcontractor, the project was a perfect application of our team’s deep experience to the lifecycle of a project, from design to permitting to procurement to labor. We were proud to be working with the other subcontractors and the general contractor to make the hotel more environmentally friendly.

As a result of this and other projects like the Miami Children’s Museum, we have achieved top rankings in Florida and nationally, including our recognition as the Most Experienced Solar Installer in Florida by EarthTechling. To learn more about how we are able to provide the best solar in Florida, visit our YouTube channel or schedule a quote today.