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[:en]Marriot Hotel, Miami[:]

[:en]Goldin Solar will deliver your residential solar project from start to finish. We start with a conceptual design and work with you to understand your budget and energy generation needs to design a customized high performance solar system with the best return on investment.

We will review your annual energy consumption and produce a model to demonstrate the projected monthly and annual energy generation output of the conceptual solar array design.solar-system-for-houses

We aspire to help our customers offset as much of their regular power consumption as possible with solar energy, and offer financing to help our customers cover the cost for their solar project. We are experienced installing solar on every common type of residential roof: clay tiles, asphalt shingles, metal seams and ensure a strong structural connection, able to withstand hurricane wind speeds.

Our roofing best practices and material selection for roof penetrations for structural attachments ensure a water-tight seal to ensure no leaks occur for the life of the roof. The materials we incorporate will connect your solar system to the internet and allow you to monitor energy production and revenue earned by the solar system in real-time on an individual panel level basis.[:]


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September 28, 2017