An Important Message Concerning COVID-19 - Goldin Solar, LLC

Updated 5/13/2020

How we are responding to COVID-19:

The team at Goldin Solar remains committed to protecting our environment and serving our customers during this straining time in Florida and the world. The work we do to improve customers’ quality of life and protect our air and water for future generations is rightfully considered essential.

The cascading effects of the coronavirus pandemic have highlighted the fragility of our global economic system. Our hearts are with those who are most hurt by this crisis, whether due to the threat the virus poses to them directly or to the economic impacts of school, restaurant, and other closures. We can and will get through this together.

Operational Changes:

The solar industry does not require a high degree of social interaction. Therefore our daily operations have been insulated from dramatic changes.

We have transitioned to:

  1. All teams working from home as much as possible.
  2. No longer hosting in-person events such as our planned school outreach trips.
  3. Increasing our voice online through a weekly live video series on YouTube.
  4. Filming new episodes of The Green Stuff with remote guests.

We continue to:

  1. Offer in-person and virtual/remote sales appointments based upon the preferences of our sales representatives and clients. In-person appointments include increased distancing between staff and homeowners and extra handwashing.
  2. Proceed with permitting and installation and normal. Our supply chain has not been adversely affected by coronavirus. Our installers require very minimal contact with homeowners during installation since the work all happens outside of the home and on the roof.

For further company updates, as well as to find some positive news, you can check out our blog or follow us on Facebook. We will be sharing content relevant to the current crisis, as well as lighthearted information to bring joy to those who just need some good news (ourselves included).


The Goldin Solar team

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