Do we subcontract any part of the installation? - Goldin Solar, LLC

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We perform all installation of solar components with our own full-time W-2 employees. All our employees are covered by our workman’s compensation insurance policy, such that there is no risk to the owner in having workers on their property.

This is something we feel very strongly about. The reason is that it is our way to maintain quality to make sure that all workers will perform to our workmanship quality and safety standards. It is also how we ensure we can offer our value-driven turn-key installations to you at the most competitive prices. While other companies hire subcontractors to perform various components of the project (or all of the installation), we are the one-stop shop. This is how you know that by going with Goldin Solar, you are getting top notch quality and safety at leanest possible prices.

We make exceptions to this policy only if the work is highly specialized or customized, not in a standard rooftop installation. For example, this would include instances when we subcontract concrete or tile work to experts to ensure that the installation meets the highest quality standards.

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