What documentation can I expect to receive before and after installation? - Goldin Solar, LLC

Solar projects involve structural, roofing and electrical work that must interconnect with a utility. Thus there is a large amount of documentation that needs to be prepared to complete a solar project. Here is a list of documentation you can expect to receive from us:

  1. Formal proposal – this outlines the proposed system, system price, and lifecycle cost return calculations.
  2. Product specifications – these show information about the proposed solar panels and other equipment we intend to use. These are available upon request.
  3. Conceptual design – this is a conceptual layout that shows locations of panels on your building and includes a report with estimated energy production. This is typically submitted with the proposal.
  4. Installation agreement – this agreement spells out the terms of the project.
  5. Finance agreement – if you finance your solar system, this is the agreement between the customer and finance company that must be completed and approved by the finance company before the project begins.
  6. Building permit application and Notice of Commencement – your project coordinator will ensure that you have the right documentation to sign for the building permit. These are both needed for the plans to be submitted into permitting.
  7. Detailed engineering – this is the set of plans prepared by our electrical and structural Professional Engineers (PEs). They show the location of the panels and other electrical equipment, the type of electrical connections, and structural connections. The detailed engineering will be submitted into permitting to the local building department along with a permit application.
  8. Building permit – this is issued by the local building department after they have reviewed and approved the detailed engineering. Once a building permit has been issued construction can commence.
  9. Signed-off building permit – this is the signed building permit from an inspector indicating that the work is complete as originally approved by the local building department.
  10. Financing close-out statement – if required by your financing company, this is the document that you sign to verify the work has been completed.
  11. Utility interconnection documentation – this is the paperwork that is completed for the local utility to come out to the property and replace the power meter with a bi-directional net meter. It will also serve as an agreement between the utility and the owner that governs the terms of the interconnection arrangement.
  12. Product warranties – these are details of the product warranties for the equipment installed.

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