Who services the warranties if a panel or inverter fails? - Goldin Solar, LLC

Our workmanship warranty will cover the labor for servicing panel or inverter warranties. The length and terms of your warranty will depend on the details of your contract.

During your warranty period, if there is an issue with any of your products or with your installation in general, you call us and we’ll fix it. The workmanship warranty has three different areas: roof penetrations, electrical/structural, and faulty equipment. Learn more about these warranties in our Guide to Goldin Solar Warranties.


After the workmanship warranty has expired, parts and partial labor may be covered under a manufacturer warranty but not by us. Manufacturer (also called product) warranties are specific to the products used in your installation. Your contract will contain details of the specific warranties for each component. Our panels generally come with a 25-year warranty and our inverters with a 12-year warranty.

After the workmanship warranty, we will still work with the manufacturer to complete the RMA process of warrantied equipment. But you may be responsible for labor costs.

Additionally, we offer a variety of annual service plans, detailed below.

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