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Fridays with Daren

Fridays with Daren is a weekly live show hosted by Goldin Solar CEO Daren Goldin and marketing director Dane Myers. In the show, which streams every Friday at 1 PM eastern, Daren and Daren are generally joined by guests who share their expertise in the environment in Florida.

In this episode of Fridays with Daren, Daren teams up with Goldin Solar marketing director Dane Myers to answer five commonly asked questions about solar in Florida:

What can I expect during a solar sales consultation?
Does Goldin Solar subcontract any part of the process?
What incentives are available to me?
Will Goldin Solar claim them for me?
How do I know what the environmental benefit of my system will be?
I have a friend who I think would be a good fit for solar. What should I do?

Daren Goldin is the co-founder and CEO of Goldin Solar, a leading Florida solar contractor company. Goldin Solar has installed over a thousand solar arrays in the state of Florida offsetting over 10 million pounds of CO2 and saving residents more than a million dollars in energy costs.

Read more about these and other FAQ on our main FAQ page.

Watch Episode Two, The Solar Process, Subcontractors and Other FAQ:

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