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Fridays with Daren

Fridays with Daren is a weekly live show hosted by Goldin Solar CEO Daren Goldin and marketing director Dane Myers. In the show, which streams every Friday at 1 PM eastern, Daren and Daren are generally joined by guests who share their expertise in the environment in Florida. In our fourth episode, Daren takes Dane on a tour up to the roof to see how a custom solar array gets mounted. 

The mounting process is often one of the most nerve-wracking parts of a solar installation for the homeowner because penetrations must usually be made into the roof. In other words, to install solar, you fill your roof with holes. 

Luckily, a combination of industry-standard and proprietary methods allow us to ensure that your roof doesn’t lose any structural integrity and stays free of leaks. In addition, we engineer our solar arrays throughout Florida to the strict Miami building codes to make sure that your solar array stays secured and safe in the event of a hurricane.  

At Goldin Solar, we use the SnapNrack mounting system as our standard racking hardware.

Watch Episode Four, Solar Racking and Installation:

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