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Goldin Solar Has Installed the Latest Tesla Backup Gateway in the Southeast

Miami, Florida


Daren Goldin, CEO

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Eliot Kersgaard, PR Director

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the Tesla Backup Gateway 2 installed alongside inverter and Powerwalls

Why This is Awesome

  • Goldin Solar has installed the latest Tesla Backup Gateway in the Southeast.
  • We are excited about the benefits the new Backup Gateway will offer to all of our Powerwall customers moving forward. These benefits are detailed below.
  • The Backup Gateway helps create a 21st-century smart grid.
  • When paired with Tesla Powerwall and home solar, homeowners achieve peace of mind when it comes to their energy security.

What does the new Backup Gateway Do?

Backup Gateway is the interface between Tesla Powerwall, the home, a solar array, and the electric grid. It determines how power flows between these elements. During a grid failure, Backup Gateway helps Powerwall power your home so you have uninterrupted electricity.

A closeup of the Tesla Backup Gateway 2

The Tesla Backup Gateway

Quick Facts

  • On 5/27/2020, Daren Goldin (CEO, Goldin Solar) became among the first Tesla Powerwall customers in the southeast United States to receive Tesla Backup Gateway 2.
  • The new Backup Gateway was installed at Daren’s home over the weekend of May 30-31.
  • Moving forward, all new Goldin Solar contracts for Powerwall will include the new Backup Gateway. This new Tesla device offers a variety of benefits over its predecessor, detailed below.
  • Learn more about the new Backup Gateway on YouTube.

Key Benefits of Backup Gateway 2

The new Backup Gateway installation at Daren’s home represents a major shift in the Powerwall market in Florida and the Southeast.

The key advantages of the new Backup Gateway compared to the first generation are:


Backup Gateway is now a clean white box that looks just like a miniature Powerwall, complete with a tempered glass cover and powder coating. Unlike its predecessor, it has no visible antennae. The new Backup Gateway is also smaller and lighter than its predecessor.


The original Backup Gateway always required an additional subpanel to connect all of the Powerwalls, the inverter, and loads together. The new Backup Gateway has spaces for breakers that can be Powerwalls, inverters, or loads, eliminating the need for an additional subpanel for most installations. This also makes installation quicker and easier.


With upgraded antennae hidden from view, the new Backup Gateway contains a 4G cellular LTE modem with 5GHz WiFi.


Since the new Backup Gateway has breaker spaces, you can smartly configure Backup Gateway to only backup specific loads within your home in the case of an outage. These breaker spaces allow you to automatically cut power to extraneous loads such as pool heaters which are unnecessary during hurricane-caused power outages. This means your backup power from Powerwall can last longer.


The new Backup Gateway allows for improved power consumption and monitoring accuracy. This way you know exactly how much power your Powerwalls are receiving from your solar array and sending to your house at any given moment. Tesla aims to use this improved metering for future virtual power plant programs like the pilot they are currently running in Australia.

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