Do we represent the amount of power in kilowatts (system size) quoted? - Goldin Solar, LLC

The system size (kW) quoted both in the original proposal presented to you and in the contract, is subject to change slightly if one of two things happens:

  • The amount of area on your roof is less than anticipated and fewer panels can fit. We use software with satellite images to determine how many panels we can fit on you roof during the proposal process. After a contract is issued, we conduct a more detailed site survey to get exact roof measurements and to locate any roof obstructions such as vents. There is a possibility that a few panels will need to be eliminated from the original design after the site survey or in the permitting process.
  • The originally specified panel model has become unavailable. The solar industry is highly dynamic and fast changing. There is a possibility that a panel model will be contracted and then become unavailable. In this case, we will propose an alternative, which will typically be the same manufacturer, just a slightly higher wattage panel.

In either of the above two cases, you don’t need to worry if they are getting the same value they contracted. The reason is that the contract is based on a dollar per watt amount ($/W). If the total wattage changes, the contract price will be adjusted accordingly. Thus, we may not be able to guarantee an exact wattage, but we will guarantee the price per watt.

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